The Intelligent Way To Track, Analyze and Scale Your Facebook Ads

Integrate Google Analytics directly into your Facebook Ads Manager dashboard to get more accurate data, so you can scale your campaigns more profitably

Stop Relying on Incorrect Facebook Ad Data to Make Decisions For Your Ecommerce Business

It's no secret that since the release of iOS 14, Facebook Ads has become nearly impossible to optimize and scale due to inaccurate data reporting.

Facebook Advertisers are now faced with delayed reporting, pixel tracking issues and 'modelled' conversions which has led to unreliable data and less profitable campaigns.

Upburst was built to solve this issue.

Upburst lets you see your Google Analytics data directly in your Facebook Ads Dashboard. This allows you to get better insight on where your purchases, revenue and ROAS are actually coming from.

This means you can analyze and scale confidently from within Facebook Ads Manager dashboard, without needing to use expensive 3rd party tracking and attribution tools.

Get Clarity On Where Your Sales Are Coming From

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Attribute purchases & revenue to the correct Facebook Ads

No more missed sales from relying on the Facebook Pixel. Track Google Analytics purchases on ads, ad sets and campaigns

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See the true ROAS  from Facebook Ads

View the Google Analytics ROAS metric in your Facebook Ads dashboard

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Analyze & Optimize faster

No more delayed reporting or switching screens between Facebook Ads and other tracking apps

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Unlock Longer Attribution Windows

Go beyond Facebook's 7 day attribution. See sales that happened up to 90 days ago in your Facebook Ads dashboard

No Complex Tracking Setup Required

All you need is a Google Analytics Account and a Facebook Ads account to get started. You don't need to add any code to your website and you don't need to hire a developer.

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Simple & fast

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and integrate everything

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No coding required

No need to add any code to your website

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Helpful Support

If you have any issues our support reps are on standby to help

Here's What Our Users Are Saying

“We don't run Facebook Ads anymore without Upburst”

We rely heavily on Facebook Ads to drive growth for our Ecommerce brands. However since the iOS updates all of our accounts have suffered  from under reporting and poor performance. But since installing Upburst we can now see where our sales are coming from and we're back to spending confidently again.

Lydia Vandamme
Head of Paid Social
Drip Labs

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Upburst work with Shopify / Clickfunnels / WooCommerce / BigCommerce and other Ecommerce platforms?  

Yes. Upburst works with the above listed platforms and every other major Ecommerce Platform.

If you are using a custom built platform, Upburst will work if Google Analytics is integrated to it.

How long does the installation process take and what does it involve?

The installation process takes less than 10 minutes on average.

After signing up you connect your Facebook Ad Accounts and Google Anlaytics Accounts. After that you will need to add a URL parameter onto your Facebook Ads. Once that is complete you install the Upburst chrome extension.

Do I need to add any code to my website?

Nope! No coding or developers are needed.

I'm currently using another tracking/attribution/pixel app. Will Upburst still work?

Yes. Regardless of what other apps you're using Upburst will still work and it does not interfere with other apps.

Free Trial & Pricing:

How much does Upburst cost?

We offer a 7 Day Free Trial. After the trial period is over you will be billed based on the combined Facebook Ad spend of all the Facebook Ad accounts you've connected to Upburst.

For full details on pricing head over to our pricing page.

How long is the free trial and what happens after I sign up?

The free trial is for 7 days.

After you sign up for the free trial you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook Ad Account and Google Analytics Account. You can connect as many of these accounts as you want. Then you'll be prompted to download the Upburst Chrome extension that allows you to pull your Google Analytics data into Facebook Ads.

Are there any limits applied during the free trial period?

There are no limits at all during the free trial period. You can connect unlimited accounts and there is no cap on spend for those connected Facebook Ad Accounts.

Can I connect multiple Facebook Ad Accounts and Google Analaytics Accounts?

Yes you can connect unlimited accounts.

What happens when the free trial ends?

Once the 7 day free trial period ends, your card will be charged a fee based on the combined spend of your Facebook Ad Accounts you've connected to Upburst. View our pricing page for more info.

How do I cancel my trial or subscription?

You can easily cancel your subscription at anytime from the settings menu within the app. If you are within the 7 day free trial period and you cancel, you will not be charged.

What happens if I spend over the ad spend limit of my plan?

During the 7 Day Free Trial there is no ad spend limit.

After the trial period is over, if you spend over the Facebook ad spend limit of your lan, you'll be automatically uopgraded to the next plan.

What does 'team member seat' mean?

You can create separate user accounts in Upburst. Each member will have their own username and password. This is helpful if you want to assign media buyers their own accounts.


Does Upburst Send Data to my Facebook pixel?

No. Upburst does not send any data to your Facebook Pixel.

Upburst only pulls data from Google Analytics and displays it in your Facebook Ads Manager Dashboard.

Do I have to create a new Facebook Pixel?

No. You use your existing Facebook Pixel.

Does Upburst work with Universal Google Analytics or GA4?

Currently Upburst only works with Universal Google Analytics Accounts. We are currently working on the ability to serve GA4 Accounts.

Does Upburst only work for Ecommerce Businesses?

Currently Upburst only pulls Ecommerce data from Google Analytics (transactions and revenue).

Do Multi-Profile Browsers like MultiLogin work with Upburst?

Yes you are able to load Upburst in these browsers. If you need help installing Upburst up on a multi-profile browser reach out to support

Can I get a discount?

Possibly! If you choose to pre-pay with an annual option you receive a 30% discount.

Or, if your monthly Facebook Ad Spend is over $350k per month please reach out to us (via the Intercom chat app at the bottom right corner of the screen) and we can work out a deal.

Start Your Risk-Free 7 Day Free Trial Today